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Transitioning From Virtual Assisting to Content Writing

I started my website and named it (the VA standing for Virtual Assistant because I fully intended to pursue what I thought was my lifelong dream–to be a virtual assistant.

Little did I know at the time that being a virtual assistant was one more position I’d hold before I accepted my life’s purpose.

A virtual assistant was something else I could do.

Back in the days when I worked in an office every day, I used to think to myself, “Wouldn’t it be great if I could be a virtual assistant?” I even told people I thought it’d be a cool job, and I hoped I could one day find a virtual assistant job.

Then I actually found a virtual assistant role and absolutely loved it, despite the company itself being flawed. I enjoyed the work I was doing, but I yearned for transparency, which is why I decided to become a solo virtual assistant, whom solopreneurs could hire to work with directly instead of going through a third party.

I never expected the anxiety I’d be filled with while working for solopreneurs independently. Here I was, in charge of organizing their files, and one mistake could result in the loss of their files. This made me nervous.

It was also hard to stay motivated. When I didn’t have client work, I attended networking meetings, but I didn’t enjoy them. Going on camera and talking about myself was a whole new level of anxiety, and it wasn’t something I loved.

Feeling lost and hopeless, I did some intense soul-searching and with the help of ThetaHealing, I realized my life’s purpose: To be a writer.

I started writing for blogs in January 2023, and I’ll never look back.

There are other types of writing I’m interested in pursuing, such as:

  • Novel writing (I’ve been practicing writing novels since I was a kid)

  • Product descriptions (I’ve done a little of this already)

  • Product and book reviews (I’ve done some of this too)

  • Short-form eBook writing (I haven’t done this yet, but it sounds exciting)

  • E-newsletter writing (I’ve done this for businesses in the past)

  • Social media writing (My first job was a Social Media Coordinator position)

  • Copywriting (Some of the pieces I've written falls into copy)

Content writing opportunities are endless

I may resort to those uncomfortable networking calls in the future, but right now, I’m focusing on building an online presence through writing. I’m a writer, not a speaker, and my current goal is to hone and show off my writing skills.

I spent nine months writing what was assigned to me before I decided to step out of my comfort zone and start writing content for myself again. Last year, I wrote some content on Working Virtually aimed at Virtual Assistants and those who hire Virtual Assistants.

I’ve been thinking about what will become of my Virtual Assistant site. I purchased two years of Wix Premium, so I’ll continue to use it until it expires. At some point, I plan to fully erase the “VA” part of my name, and I may launch a new URL.

It’s funny–I saw a YouTube video shortly after creating my email about someone who had “VA” in their web address, and they were no longer a virtual assistant. I never thought that would be me a year later. I was so confident I’d be a VA forever.

That said–assuming I had an opening in my schedule–I would never deny a potential client who needed admin support. I’m lucky to have a versatile skill set I can offer online.

My passion, however, is writing.

Writing is what ignites me. It’s what makes me alive. I remember the day I was writing my first client article. It was January 9, 2023, my 31st birthday. I felt like a kid again.

Growing up, I was always writing. I started off writing stories and novels. Then I discovered Sims and would write stories on forums for other players to read. In my late teens and early 20s, I wrote fanfiction.

I’ve gone through periods where I wasn’t writing, and those were some of the darkest days of my life.

I never want to go without writing again, and I’m happy to announce I’ve signed up for Medium, which I intend to use as a platform for my ideas. I hope to maintain a regular publishing schedule–at least once a day, and we’ll see where I go.

I’m pitching online publications left and right–I never in a million years thought I’d have the confidence to do this. I’m applying to every writing job I see. I’m keeping a file full of future ideas to peruse through and choose to write each day.

As long as I’m writing, life is good.

It isn’t easy. Moments of doubt enter my head. “Should I really be writing this piece?” is a common question I ask myself.

I don’t want to doubt myself anymore.

If I’m writing it, it’s meant to be written.

I’m exactly where I’m meant to be.

Are you interested in working with me?

I’m currently offering blogging services, starting at $100 per article. You can hire me through Fiverr if you’re more comfortable using a third-party hiring site, or you can fill out my contact form on my website, and I’ll be in touch within 48 hours.

If you have another project in mind that matches one of the topics I’ve mentioned interest in, please reach out! I love discussing new opportunities.

Would you like to see more samples of writing? Follow me on Medium.


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