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Hello there! :)

Writing is my PASSION, and I want to share it with you!

How cool would it be to build a steady stream of readers that are ADDICTED to your content, resulting in more sales than you ever imagined?

It's easier said than done, but the first step is to get them to your page is... you need to create the content.

And that's where I come in. :) 

I provide a variety of content writing services for bloggers, depending on their needs and budget. My goal is to write captivating, informative content to keep your readers begging for more.

How did I get started writing, exactly? I started writing short stories in third grade that manifested into essays. I was that kid in school who begged for extra writing assignments. 

My husband jokes that I'm writing "In-Class Essays" every day, and essentially, I am, and I love it! 

I have experience writing about freelancing, pets, books, kids, camping, traveling, fruits, vegetables, and more. 

My professional background is diverse. I've been a social media manager for a nonprofit advocacy center for kids with special needs, an adoptions counselor for an animal shelter, and an administrative assistant for a cemetery. 

In my spare time, I enjoy reading, cuddling cats, listening to Audible or Apple Podcasts, and spending time with my little boy. 

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