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Core Values That Will Set Your Business Apart From Others


I went to get my nails done for my sister's wedding a few weeks ago. To my surprise, nowhere in the building listed the nail salon's services and prices.

Of course, I could have gone to the business's website before I arrived, but I've been busy building a business and figured they would have a service menu when I walked in. I'd only had my nails done once before, and that salon had their services and prices listed on a board when I first walked in the door.

Transparency is key.

Price should never be a surprise to a client. If a business is in person, prices should be visible in person. If the business is online, prices should be displayed on the website in a way a client can easily find.

"But my prices are always changing!" I've heard from business owners.

Update your website when your prices change. If you need to remove them temporarily while you revamp your rates, do it, but not for long, and always be transparent with new clients inquiring about services.

Do not wait to get a prospective client on a Zoom call to tell them your rates. If you're out of their budget, you're not only wasting their time, but yours too. Time is precious.

If you need help updating or creating a services page on your website, a virtual assistant can help.


Be authentic. Share pictures of your dog on your social media. Let your clients and prospective clients know that you're human. Share a story about something that happened to you at Target. As a client, I'm more likely to reach out to a business owner I can relate to versus one that I can't.

It can certainly be intimidating to share your personal information on your business page, but no one's asking you to share your child's face if you don't want to: a little hand or toe has the same effect. Besides, I've found on LinkedIn that posts about my cats have far greater engagement rates than posts about my child. Let's see those pet pictures.

If you need help writing authentic posts to share on social media, a virtual assistant can help.


I put little merit in a star number on a business's review page, because some people just like to give bad reviews no matter what you do, and maybe the business just happened to encounter a few grumpy people. However, I do pay attention to what the reviews are critiquing.

If half the reviews are saying the business is responsive, and the other half is saying they aren't, this tells me that the business is inconsistent (or perhaps is picky about who they respond to).

As a business owner, it's important to respond to everyone. It's understandable that email mailboxes and voicemail can become overwhelming very quickly, especially when you're solopreneur. If you're finding you're struggling to keep up with all the messages coming into your inbox, it's time to consider hiring help. A virtual assistant can help boost your company's consistency.

If you're wanting to boost your business's transparency, authenticity, and consistency, let's have a conversation.


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